Did you know that non-native and native English speakers use English differently?

This difference has consequences.

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Why English Matters

The role of English has never been more important to increasing collaboration among colleagues and other stakeholders, strengthening customer satisfaction, increasing employee engagement, and fostering strategic organizational growth. Last year the Educational Testing Service launched the "Why English Matters" documentary series to share facts and articles on the influence of English proficiency in the workplace. As an ETS Preferred Associate, G2nd Systems is pleased to feature these documentaries on our website, and share examples about why having an English-proficient workforce is essential to professional and organizational success.

Assessment is an important step in ensuring the decisions you make are the best for your organization: whom to recruit, hire, train, promote and retain. G2nd Systems uses the TOEIC® tests for cognitive English proficiency measurement and benchmarking because they are the global standard for assessing English-language skills for the workplace. How do you know whether your workforce has the communication skills needed to be as effective as it should be?

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Engage Your Global Workforce

As all business is developing globally, every organization must leverage talents, expertise, creativity, and contacts from multiple geographical areas, cultures, and languages. Daily interaction with people from different backgrounds has become a norm. Job performance and activities increasingly depend on the effectiveness of these interactions and the ability to leverage the diversity of these relationships and associated knowledge.

The beauty of the GSL 6-Step Model is that it recognizes how everyone occupies a place in this continuum. You can't have COLLABORATION without some form of relationship and RELATIONSHIPS don't form or flourish without communication. COMMUNICATION without knowledge and KNOWLEDGE without motivation don't lead to authentic learning, and fundamentally, MOTIVATION emerges out of CURIOSITY. The fact is this process can flow in either direction.

Being a receptive communicator can foster a global mindset. A global mindset recognizes that we don't know what we don't know. Using culturally neutral GSL English conscientiously with a global mindset allows us to move in any direction on the 6-Step Model across multiple cultures simultaneously.


We Offer Solutions for all Global Workplace Communications Needs

Our highest priority is to enable inclusive communication, which fosters increased employee engagement and organizational effectiveness in today's globally diverse workplace.

We help clients to Assess workplace communication effectiveness and create awareness about a common workplace problem: communication gaps in people interaction. To define the problem, we use world-class workplace English proficiency testing with our proprietary accent clarity and writing assessments. This phase can include workforce English benchmarking and auditing to identify organizational communication and performance gaps.

We then Identify solutions to ameliorate workplace communication challenges through metric-supported interventions, including our innovative GSL® Learning Systems, Global 2nd Language® online technology, and professional consulting services customized to meet our clients' needs.

Today's workplaces require skills to effectively communicate with customers, clients, and other stakeholders across teams, departments, suppliers, and communities. We Empower professionals to effectively leverage their expertise and organizations to become more competitive by developing global collaborative business environments.

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