Thank you for your interest in G2nd Systems and its products and services. We enhance communication and collaboration among non-native and native English speakers in global workplace contexts.

Advanced global HR consulting & change management

  • Specialized interventions, based on Client objectives
    • Marketing & Sales communication for global business environments
    • Culturally-neutral editing for organizational communication
    • Workforce Mobility RFP consulting with organizational culture alignment
    • Workplace English interpretation & translation preparation
  • Instructional design and production services
  • Professional certification test preparation and recertification

Business communication leadership benchmarking

  • Workplace English effectiveness auditing
  • Call center interaction & communication
  • Online language training program management

Communication across multiple cultures simultaneously

  • Seminars, Webinars, and Workshops
  • Immersion learning programs

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) leadership seminars & workshops

  • Unconscious bias / Microaggression
  • Leveraging team diversity through inclusion
  • Cultural sensitivity: intercultural vs. cross-cultural communication

Language Proficiency Testing, Benchmarking & Analysis

  • Workplace English proficiency (5 skills)
  • Language assessments & transitional English

Organizational communication projects with customized options

  • Workforce international assignment preparation & support
  • Language training with transitional English (more than 50 languages with GSL® integration)
  • Workforce relocation, repatriation & third-country national transfer
  • Relocation management policy & communication management

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