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GSL® Dynamic Speaking Learning System

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The GSL® Dynamic Speaking Learning System is designed for native English speakers who need to improve the effectiveness of their spontaneous spoken communication at work to enhance their persuasion, leadership and facilitation skills.

There are four non-native English speakers for every native English speaker in today’s global workplace. People rely more and more on English to initiate action and communicate business strategies and priorities to multicultural teams. In this context, it is essential that native English-speaking professionals speak clearly and effectively, and learn to use Intercultural English to ensure that their communication is understood by co-workers and customers from other cultures and countries. Intercultural English––English used as a communication tool rather than as a national language––has become an essential business competency, much like computer literacy. Furthermore, effective speaking, based on Intercultural English, is now a fundamental part of workplace leadership. Professionals who can use dynamic speaking techniques and strategies in combination with Intercultural English will achieve greater influence and productivity at work, and gain opportunities for professional advancement.

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