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Speaking Assertively Across Cultures

Excellent communication when interacting with people from multiple cultures simultaneously is vital at work and beyond work: in meetings—both face-to-face and virtual—and in one-on-one conversations and informal interactions. Effective, inclusive communication fosters relationship-building and collaboration. Effective intercultural communication is an essential leadership competency that must be implemented during business projects, initiatives, and other workplace activities. This competency enables teams and organizations to operate more easily and efficiently by minimizing errors and misunderstandings, while energizing collaboration and facilitating innovation across all workplace processes.

Globally diverse organizations need active employee participation and team engagement to ensure the smooth flow of information and transfer of knowledge. When people assertively engage in workplace interactions, teams and individual contributors generate results directly foster innovation and shorten product development cycles.

This GSL Learning System is designed for native and non-native English speakers and is available in workshops or full course configurations. Today's workforce is globally diverse and includes a convergence of non-native and native English speakers from different countries and cultures. This program is highly interactive and functions well if participants include both non-native and native English speakers. Participants learn about assertive communication techniques across all cultures, and how to leverage the techniques as skills to apply in a range of workplace situations: meetings, presentations, one-on-one interactions, conference calls as well as written interaction.

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