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GSL® Interactive Presentations

Presentation skills for Non-Native speakers

As organizations develop globally, jobs and activities rely more and more on the effectiveness of interactions across multiple cultures and multiple countries. Non-native English speakers must not only produce and deliver presentations that demonstrate their knowledge, but often must also overcome colleagues’ pre-conceived perceptions about their accents and public speaking ability.

Delivering clear, well-organized presentations that engage listeners ensures that a non-native English speaking professional can communicate information accurately while gaining the respect and confidence of his or her audience (native and other non-native English speakers). Presenters who can assertively, confidently and articulately express their ideas to multicultural audiences demonstrate leadership while supporting the operational success of their organizations.

This GSL Learning System is designed for non-native English speakers who need to improve their informal (spontaneous) and/or formal presentations skills so that they can accurately express their expertise and share their knowledge in multicultural workplaces. This program is instructor-led and available in workshop or full course configurations that include aligned assessments. It can be delivered online or in person.

English proficiency requirement. Cognitive English proficiency levels should be intermediate-mid and above on the TOEIC® scale or Independent User and above on the CEFR scale.

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