A highly interactive environment for achieving excellence in global teams and projects

Differentiate your organization with the training and collaboration platform that leverages leading technology, enterprise-level security and scalability...finally at a price you can afford.

Use enterprise-level technology to enhance your stakeholder's online experience.

We provide a managed, clearly structured platform for highly interactive collaboration, delivering multi-media content for synchronous and asynchronous training or project collaboration with automated follow-up and activity notifications for participants, instructors, coaches, project leaders and other stakeholders, supporting rich interaction: voice, video, text, multi-faceted assessments, multiple choices, submissions, feedback and other tools.

A cost-effective solution that enhances the participants' engagement and learning or project collaboration progress by enabling instructors, coaches, consultants or project leaders to provide feedback, evaluate participants’ progress, structure curricula and create assignments (tasks, assessments, practice exercises and tests, and others), which are dynamically customizable, based on individual progress/needs.

Automated deployment of content and notifications of assignments, project deliverables, submissions, and feedback minimizes delays in communication, accelerates agility, and eliminates time wasted in checking status/response. Availability of recorded synchronous sessions provides the participant with readily accessible tools to reinforce learning or continued project progress without the need for instructor, coach or project leader direct intervention, thus facilitating behavioral and sustainable change.

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