Culturally-neutral English

Communicate effectively across multiple
cultures and languages simultaneously

GSL® English

Enhance business performance by applying the Global Second Language® approach to business communication: leverage critical thinking, advanced paraphrasing and GSL facilitation to improve innovative capacity across groups and teams

Why Focus on Intercultural English?

In today's globally dispersed—and often virtually connected—workplace, the ability to communicate effectively across multiple cultures at the same time has become a strategic leadership skill. The convergence of native and non-native English speakers is changing perceptions about language influence and cultural inferences, and all professionals must adapt to achieve success at work. As global workplaces become more and more multicultural, many professionals benefit from learning techniques to develop and organize their listening and reading, speaking and writing to appeal to readers from multiple cultures at the same time. Whether they are managers or employees, professionals must develop awareness of how they can utilize English as a communication tool and a means to achieve collaboration, rather than as an expression of cultural heritage, history, and local contexts. Instead of focusing on cultural differences and regionalism, which can impede actionable communication in the workplace, professionals can lead by using intercultural GSL® English™ to facilitate the transfer of information. Using a culturally-neutral approach to communication in meetings, projects, and organizational directives leverages cultural diversity through inclusion, thus enhancing collaborative synergy and innovation.

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