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GSL® Performance!

Performance Review Communication

During performance reviews or evaluation processes, people interact more and more frequently with people from multiple cultures and countries. Many organizations use English as their primary language, but people often do not recognize that native and non-native English speakers use English differently. These differences can result in miscommunication and misunderstandings, particularly in sensitive discussions about an individual's job performance. These differences often involve a combination of linguistic and cultural perspectives. Communicating effectively and assertively across cultures about achievements, expectations, challenges and goals can dramatically increase opportunities to add new projects and responsibilities at work. Improving communication during performance reviews, job promotion discussions or succession-planning can enable employees to gain recognition for their achievements, elicit constructive feedback, and collaboratively develop new directions for professional growth that align with their manager's, team and organization's goals.

This GSL Learning System is designed for individuals or managers who need to communicate their expectations and perspectives more effectively across cultures in performance reviews and job role discussions. This program is designed for employees or managers whose job role includes performance-related discussions with people whose native language is different from their own. For example, a native English speaker manager who has non-native English speaker reports or a non-native English speaker with native English speaker reports could benefit by learning to manage the convergence of language and culture to maximize effectiveness of any performance evaluation process.

English proficiency requirement. For non-native English speakers, cognitive English proficiency levels should be intermediate-mid and above on the TOEIC® scale or Independent User and above on the CEFR scale.

The GSL® Performance! Learning System includes full-day and half-day workshops, which enable professionals to develop their ability to communicate assertively and candidly in performance-related discussions, particularly when working in multicultural teams. One program is designed for the manager or supervisor context and the other is designed for employee context.

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