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GPHR® Preparation Course - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many instructor-led classroom hours are included? This is a 19-session program with 17 core sessions and two bonus sessions, for a total in-class instructor led time of 33 hours. Each class session is recorded (complete interaction shown, audio and visual); and all recorded sessions are located on a secure platform with password-protected access (organized by date of delivery). However, in addition to instructor-led classroom hours, participants can email instructors with questions anytime and will receive individual feedback on the Mid-term exam and the Final exam results.
  2. What type of activities receive submission feedback in addition to the in-class session hours? The Mid-term exam includes two levels of feedback plus customized response to individuals regarding its essay question.  Optional homework assignments include individual participant feedback from instructors (based on participant request, as not all participants want additional homework). Some final practice exams also include two levels of practice and options for instructor score results feedback to participants.
  3. How are the classes organized? Each session includes an intensive review of how to answer high stakes multiple choice questions in context with the GPHR Content Outline, which is HRCI's body of knowledge, which is organized by the six Sections of the GPHR. The goal is to develop skills to answer high stakes multiple choice questions directly aligned with the HR knowledge, skills, abilities, and expertise (functional knowledge areas), each of which is related to the six Sections. In addition to intensive review of each GPHR Section (with associated, relevant questions, terminology, models, theories, and other specialized resources), we combine an interactive review and instruction about how to read and answer the multiple choice questions so that you can progressively strengthen your skills to analyze and choose the best/correct answer.
  4. Are there practice exams included? This course includes three types of comprehensive GPHR Practice Exams, plus a comprehensive review of each HRCI GPHR Content Outline with associated practice questions to develop skills for answering different types of GPHR questions on the official exam. The three comprehensive GPHR Practice Exams include:
    1. GPHR Practice Midterm exams. Three Midterm exams are delivered periodically during the course, with a debrief review session approximately one week after each Midterm’s due date.
      • Midterm exams are delivered in two parts. Part 1 simulates the real experience of answering timed questions in a testing environment, and does not include correct/incorrect feedback (participants receive a final score). To reinforce learning and provide opportunities to identify gaps, Part 2 includes correct/incorrect feedback and optional time-tracking.
    2. GPHR Practice Exam #1 125-question online delivery and powered by HR Review, which provides correct/incorrect feedback after each submission).
      • Exam #1 can be taken up to 5 times and includes randomized questions from the HR Review GPHR Section workbooks.
      • Since all Exam #1 questions are listed at the end of each workbook section (Basic or Advanced questions), participants can also practice them between classes.
      • Exam #1 is designed to be a study tool, in which participants will receive correct/incorrect feedback after submitting answers to each question. Taking Exam #1 also helps participants apply the G2nd systematic approach to reading and answering a mixture of GPHR practice questions learned during the class sessions.
    3. GPHR Practice Exam #2 (140-question multiple choice delivered online and powered by G2nd Systems, with no correct/incorrect feedback when taken the first time). The G2nd Exam #2 is considered to be the Final Exam for this course. Although no minimum score is required, participants must complete Exam #2 to receive a Certificate of GPHR Exam Preparation Course Completion.
      • Exam #2 is a rigorous simulation of the GPHR exam. It does not include any questions reviewed during the course. This exam allows participants to apply the G2nd systematic approach while practicing time management strategies learned during the course.
      • Most of the Exam #2 questions are advanced, scenario-based, and require knowledge of terminology, cultural models, change and behavioral models or theories knowledge, and extraterritorial law to answer correctly.
      • Exam #2 applies all aspects, strategies and elements presented during the course, aligns with the HRCI GPHR Content Outline, and is designed to simulate the intensive experience of taking the official GPHR.
      • Participants do not receive any correct/incorrect feedback the first time they take Exam #2. However, to more clearly identify any knowledge gaps, participants take the GPHR Practice Exam #2 Review (essentially taking Exam #2 a second time with correct/incorrect feedback after submitting each answer). After completing Exam #2 Review, participants also receive their test scores.
      • Optional follow-up with instructor is available for Exam #2 questions that were answered incorrectly (including additional explanations about question types, knowledge areas or other factors that may have caused an incorrect choice).
      • To successfully pass Exam #2, participants will use the G2nd systematic approach to identify the question type, stem keywords, read the scenario in the stem correctly, eliminate distractor and subordinate answers, and choose the best of the remaining answers.
      • To foster confidence and preparation for taking the official GPHR, select Exam #2 questions will be reviewed during the Post-course Bonus Session.
  5. Can I get continuing education hours for taking this course? Many participants apply for continuing education credit and receive it without difficulty. Please contact us with specific questions regarding your continuing education unit requirements.
  6. What is required to complete the course successfully? Completing this course successfully means that participants have completed Exam #2 at least one time. There is no minimum score required to successfully complete the course, except that Exam #2 must be completed at least once. Each participant who completes the course will receive a professional Certificate of Completion, which includes the number of instructional hours delivered. If you have questions regarding course completion, please contact us.
  7. Do participants have access to the recorded sessions after the instructor-led sessions are completed? Yes. Participants have access to the recorded sessions for four months following completion of the last instructor-led session, which access can be extended by contacting us. Additionally, any participants who is unable to complete the course they enrolled in may register to audit another Cohort Course free of charge. Sometimes, work and life create interference in the study process. When this happens, some of our participants are unable to complete the course in the Cohort in which they registered. Thus, participants have an option to audit the course again free of charge by signing an Prior Cohort Audit enrollment form, which transfers them as a participant into a later Cohort course.
  8. Miscellaneous questions.
    1. Is there a Quality Assurance system that is implemented and documented? We document all procedures  in operations that affect training quality. Thus far, all G2nd GPHR students who have successfully completed our courses (defined in “6.” above) have passed the Official GPHR. In fact, several of our students have received letters from HRCI indicating that they scored in the highest percentile levels across all six Sections (compared to all test takers worldwide).
    2. Are quality objectives established and communicated throughout our organization? Yes. These objectives include information distribution to scheduling management and Session support as well as implementation of the course processes (e.g., instructor-led twice weekly sessions, recorded session access, Midterm and other Practice Exam management and support, and other activities associated with achieving our objective to help all participants successfully complete the G2nd GPHR Exam Preparation Course and successfully pass the GPHR exam).
    3. Do we record each GPHR Exam Preparation Course participant’s representation regarding their qualification to take the GPHR (meet GPHR criteria)? Yes. Our GPHR Exam Preparation Course Enrollment Form includes disclosure of the GPHR exam qualification criteria and all participants sign a declaration to confirm they meet said criteria. Here is a list of the criteria to take the GPHR, as posted by HRCI. “Am I Eligible?”
    4. After course completion, how long should participants wait before taking the official GPHR Exam? We recommend that participants NOT schedule to take the GPHR for at least one week following full completion of this course (most wait two to three weeks). Participants may submit an application to HRCI for approval to take the GPHR before scheduling a test date. Please read the HRCI Certification Handbook GPHR section and contact us for additional information.
    5. How do we monitor participant-student perceptions about the degree to which their needs and expectations are met? This is accomplished through observation. We consistently monitor and record all stages of our training processes, and respond to all participant communication during each session and between sessions through email. When any questions or concerns arise, we identify, respond and correct as soon as possible, as applicable. Additionally, when participants are unable to complete a course due to work or personal life issues, we provide a free option for them to attend another Cohort Course (documented through a course audit process and form agreement).
  9. When should I schedule the GPHR Exam? We recommend that you carefully plan before seeking official eligibility to take the exam and want to support your successful preparation and completion of the GPHR exam. Per the HRCI 2020 GPHR Certification Handbook, if you want to officially confirm eligibility to take the GPHR exam, that exam approval is valid for 180 calendar days from the application approval date. This means that the exam must be scheduled and taken within the 180 calendar days. If a candidate applies for an exam and is deemed eligible, but does NOT schedule a date to sit for the exam within the 180 calendar days, the exam application eligibility expires and the person will need to reapply and pay all applicable fees (see page 10 of the Handbook).
  10. What is the HRCI GPHR Exam Application Process? HRCI follows a 4-step application process, which is described on page 10 of the HRCI 2020 GPHR Certification Handbook. Certain countries where GPHR candidates reside might be under a “USA Trade Sanction” (embargo). Please visit the list of Embargo Countries for the most current list of impacted countries. If you are taking the G2nd Systems GPHR Exam Preparation Course and live in one of these countries, please contact us so that we may provide additional assistance.
  11. Can I take the GPHR online or is it necessary to go to a test center? On May 1, 2020, HRCI introduced online testing to residents of the U.S. and Canada. All online support functions and software are only available in English at this time. You can now register and take the GPHR exam by using OnVUE, PearsonVUE’s online proctoring exam delivery system from the comfort of your home or office. OnVUE leverages artificial intelligence, in combination with live monitoring, to ensure exams are protected using state-of-the-art technology. HRCI certification programs remain fully accredited by the NCCA. They have applied for an exception that has allowed the use of online proctoring, given the current COVID-19 crisis. HRCI will continue to evaluate its online test delivery options and accreditation requirements to determine the best course of action moving forward. This online option is not a replacement, but an additional test delivery option to complement the regular Pearson VUE Test Centers worldwide. While the COVID-19 pandemic keeps some of the Test Centers closed, you can opt for the OnVUE test delivery. The GPHR exam delivery platform is the exact same exam experience, regardless of which delivery method you prefer. This includes the same candidate NDA agreement, exam tutorial, exam content, optional end-of-exam survey and results report. The application and exam fee is the same whether you choose to take your exam at a test center or online.

The Global Professional in Human Resources® (GPHR®) is a global, competency-based credential that is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of an HR professional who operates in a global marketplace. The credential demonstrates a mastery of global HR responsibilities that include strategies of globalization, development of HR policies and initiatives that support organizational global growth and employer retention and creation of organizational programs, processes and tools that achieve worldwide business goals.

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