GSL® Accent Clarity™ Workplace Pronunciation Effectiveness, Level 1

Enhance business performance by using the Global Second Language® approach to accent clarity. Strengthen employee engagement, team productivity, and leadership through improved collaboration in workplace contexts.

Why Focus on Accent Clarity?

Accent clarity is an essential part of speaking effectiveness in direct or virtual workplace settings. Today's workplaces include people from multiple countries and cultures who use English and other languages to communicate and contribute their talents and expertise to organizations, customers and other stakeholders. Communication can foster improved relationships and strengthen collaboration. In the next decade, over two billion people (about one quarter of the world's population) will speak English or will be learning to speak it as a non-native language. Today's multiple-culture workplace demands effective collaboration among native and non-native English speakers, both in virtual and direct interaction. Unclear speech can result in miscommunication and inhibit the development of strong business relationships. In contrast, accent clarity improves communication among colleagues with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, providing opportunities for enhanced productivity and accelerated professional growth.

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