GSL® Accent Clarity™ Workplace Pronunciation Effectiveness, Level 3

Use the Global Second Language® approach to solidify employees' accent clarity, enhancing workplace productivity and collaboration

Why Focus on Accent Clarity?

Workplace interactions among native and non-native English speakers are a fundamental part of every organization. Accent clarity is an essential part of speaking effectiveness in direct or virtual workplace settings. Today's workplaces include people from multiple countries and cultures who use English and other languages to communicate and contribute their talents and expertise to organizations, customers and other stakeholders. Thus, a professional's accent clarity and intercultural communication skills can significantly affect the effectiveness and productivity of workplace interactions. Even with high levels of cognitive English proficiency, ineffective speech clarity can adversely affect an individuals' performance, career growth and ability to leverage their expertise. Non-native English speakers' proficiency in accent clarity supports constructive interactions among culturally-diverse team members, which consequently enhances operational effectiveness and organizational performance. In addition, non-native English-speaking professionals who develop consistent accent clarity gain opportunities to demonstrate their expertise, increase knowledge transfer, and strengthen leadership skills, enabling them to advance professionally.

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