GSL® Focus-On-Writing, Level 2

Why Focus on Writing?

Excellent written communication is an essential competency for professionals in today's multicultural workplace. Too often, unrefined or poor writing interrupts positive messages, information transfer, and effective project management. Under-developed business writing skills inhibit the clear expression of creative ideas, leading to missed objectives, sometimes with costly repercussions. The necessity of communicating across cultures - often several different cultures simultaneously - increases the urgency for individuals to develop effective intercultural writing skills. Professionals who communicate effectively in writing across cultures demonstrate leadership and a capacity for professional growth, while enhancing the productivity of their organizations. Writing in English is an essential part of communication effectiveness in direct or virtual workplace settings. Today's workplaces include people from multiple countries and cultures who use English and other languages to communicate and contribute their talents and expertise to organizations, customers and other stakeholders. Whether email, policy directives or formal reports, effective written communication can reduce risk associated with misinterpretation, foster improved relationships (appropriate tone) and strengthen collaborative productivity (collaborative writing). Use the Global Second Language® approach to create compelling written documents that support active reader engagement and productive information transfer

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